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Meet Sade

Sade Oshinubi is committed to serving, supporting, and strengthening the community. Born to Nigerian parents who moved to America for a better opportunity, breaking barriers and standing up for those who need it most was essential to her upbringing.


Sade’s leadership in community organizing dates back to her teenage years when she organized fellow students around issues of racial reconciliation, resources for students with special needs, peer mentoring, academic excellence, disaster preparedness, and national and global citizenry, earning her the Georgia Secretary of State: Excellence in Citizenship Award. Since then, Sade has been passionate about bringing communities together. She carried that passion through college and graduate school where she served in various leadership capacities focused on strategic organizing to effect positive change around them, earning her several awards for leadership and service.


After spending some time working to enhance the living environments for elderly and disabled individuals post-law school, Sade moved to Prince George’s County, MD and began her legal career with the federal government. Since moving to the area, Sade has maintained her dedication to building communities by volunteering and serving in leadership roles with community organizations dedicated to empowering people in all areas of life.

Through roles such as currently serving as the Chairwoman of the United People for African Congress, serving on the Civic Engagement and Community Service Committees and Director of Political Engagement of local Urban League auxiliaries, and partnering with various organizations and projects in Prince George’s County, Sade has dedicated herself to serving and advocating on behalf of the community before local, state, and federal policymakers. She is committed to ensuring that EVERYONE, not only has their individual needs met, but also has a seat at the decision-making table.

Sade currently is Government Affairs Counsel at a trade association where she works on broadband deployment policy to ensure American communities have access to the internet and its economic and social benefits. Sade believes that increased access to information and modes of communication can significantly improve the lives of people and propel communities into economic and social success. Sade has utilized her extensive legislative and regulatory experience to achieve great policy objectives on the job and in communities, and she will apply it to effectively represent District 26 in Annapolis.

Motivated by the hard work ethic instilled by her immigrant parents, Sade earned her B.S. in Journalism from Georgia Southern University, her M.S. in Telecommunications from Indiana University, and her J.D. from Indiana University Maurer School of Law all before the age of 24.


Sade truly believes in the potential for growth and prosperity in Prince George’s County. Her vision to reform standards for community-driven decision-making, enhance the quality of life, foster effective and efficient learning environments, and protect civil liberties and safety, is fueled by her longstanding passion in building up communities. Sade currently lives in Fort Washington, Maryland with her husband Kameel Dada.

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