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Enhancing the Quality of Life

Sade believes that where we call home should be a place where we experience quality living. From protecting our local environment and making our roads safe to access to resources for seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities, Sade will work in Annapolis to ensure that decisions that are made will improve the overall quality of life for residents in the district.

Sade will fight for policies that increase local job opportunities, access to healthy food choices, access to affordable housing, and incentives for business investment. In addition, Sade believes in increased internet accessibility to ensure that our children can thrive academically and we can have access to resources and economic opportunities for our increased success.

My Vision for District 26

Reforming Standards for

Community-Driven Decision-Making

Sade wants to change the way elected officials approach engaging the community in decisions that affect them. Community members should determine policies and decisions as they are closest to the impact. Sade will strive to put the power back in the hands of the people through strategic partnerships with community organizations and implementing effective community outreach efforts.

Protecting Civil Liberties and Safety

As a longstanding advocate for marginalized voices, Sade will fight to protect her fellow community members from all forms of inequities, injustice, and discrimination regardless of race, gender, religion, economic status, and sexual orientation.


Sade will push for policies in Annapolis that, for example, promote equity in our justice system, establish equal pay measures, and protect immigrant residents. Sade will also work to strengthen policies that encourage prevention and prosecution for domestic violence, and she will work to ensure our neighborhoods are safe.

Fostering Effective and

Efficient Learning Environments

Sade believes that, in addition to supporting teachers, supporting paraprofessionals, counselors, school bus drivers, other school staff, parents and students, is critical to a strong education ecosystem. Effective learning environments require restoring power to teachers, increasing accountability and transparency, and providing in-demand vocational training.


Sade will work to evaluate and improve college and vocational preparedness of public school, home school, and private school programs. Sade will also fight in Annapolis for more affordable universities and community colleges. Effective and efficient learning environments will drive the future of District 26.

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